‘The Underdogs’ – King Wizard’s new beat tape hits all the right notes

‘The Underdogs’ – King Wizard’s new beat tape hits all the right notes

Hard-hitting drums? Check. Dope melodies? Check. Pain and emotion? Check. Up-tempo good vibes? Check. King Wizard, Alderman, and Big Papa’s forthcoming beat tape ‘The Underdogs’ is checking all the boxes as one of the most impressive beat tape releases of the year.

‘Greif’ is an epic piano-based beat, with soaring chord progressions and a relentless grove. ‘Boulevard’ switches up the vibe with up-tempo guitar ear candy that would be equally at home on a Dababy record or played by a young Hanson in 1998. This collection of songs is both mature and full of youthful enthusiasm and showcases the broad and varied talents of the eponymous Underdogs.

When not releasing spectacular stand-alone beat tapes, Wizard, Alderman, and Big Papa head up one of the music industry’s hottest new production companies, Underdog Music. Their roster of multi-platinum producers is certainly impressive, and their in-house producers have had cuts on many of 2020’s biggest records. This first release from The Underdogs under their own name has all the hallmarks of a stand-out debut. Most beats require an artist to give the final record it’s shine and excitement, but in this case, it was refreshing to hear the details in the well thought-through production without the distraction of a top-line.

‘Hope’ is another standout moment in the tape, with booty-shaking club energy around a thumping piano line, catchy vocal chops, and in-your-face snare rolls. Within seconds of the beat kicking in you feel like you’re at a strip club surrounded by falling banknotes, or at a beachside club in Miami drinking comped champagne in the DJ booth. Good vibes all around!

The tape will be available through Spotify and all good streaming platforms from next week. Follow Wizard and co on Instagram for updates on the release:




Learn more about King Wizard at and keep up to date with the latest news from Underdog Music via their website:

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