No Writerz Block In this “Creative Agency”

No Writerz Block In this “Creative Agency”

Founded by father-son duo Bakir and James “Gotti” Floyd, Writerz Block is a creative agency and studio operated in New Jersey. Bakir Floyd is a current independent music artist, and James Floyd was a member of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit.

Inspired by reuniting before Bakir’s graduation from Villanova University and James’ release from prison, the two want to create a judgment-free platform that focuses on pushing prodigious musical talent.

Through connecting clients with people who admire the sounds and talents of the talent, Writerz Block operates with the genuine belief of crafting long-lasting legacies for everybody who walks in the doors. Every narrative pushed is iconic and drives messages of peace, hope, and propensity.

Hope is particularly crucial for the Floyd father and son duo since they had to hold onto it until their eventual reunion. That same strong belief they had in each other is the same belief that they want their clients to have in pursuing their purposes in life.

A dream deferred is never a dream gone, and the two are building an empire located at Writerz Block Studios in New Jersey. Bakir and James Floyd hope to continue creating a safe space of new artists to shine brightly

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