Javier Fever talks about his career

Javier Fever noticed he could sing when he was just about 11 years old. After that, he started attending talent shows in all of Puerto Rico and that was the first step in his career. Javier years later decided to post music covers on his YouTube channel and that was the one thing that made people notice Javier.

He explained that he likes to explore other styles of music so he can stay versatile in music. He says he would definitely love to make at least one or two songs of every single music style that there is out there, he also explained that in order to keep fans from every single style of music, you have to make every single style of music.

Not only does he sing and act, but he also produces music. Javier explained that he had to study for 3 years and get a bachelor’s degree to learn more about DAWs. He also said that he had to learn how to use video software in case he wanted to make and produce his own music videos just like he does with his songs. He also said: It’s always good to have knowledge about everything because not everyone believes in you. the only person who needs to believe in you is yourself.

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Javier Fever

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