[Exclusive] Anemic Breeze Is A Versatile Artist, Westcoast Native, Producer, Director, Actor, Organization Leader, Team Leader, Management, And Future Entrepreneur

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Anemic Breeze born in Long Beach California, currently located in Victorville CA,
versatile artist, Westcoast native, Producer, director, actor, organization
leader, team leader, management, and future entrepreneur.

Anemic Breeze has gone all out for the championship for his 3rd full length studio
album. Anemic Breeze a musical psychological genius has put in the work of his
career throughout the years from 2016-present. He has networked and collaborated
with lots of artists, businesses, and entrepreneurship. Anemic Breeze teamed up
with various producers such as Anewdimensionbeatz, Dariyesonthebeats, Ye Beats,
& Terror Supreme. Anemic Breeze created & Produced storytelling
soundtracks on each producer songs.

In 2016, Anemic Breeze met his fellow friend DJ Optimus, they also worked on a few tracks
one in particular named “Morty” a track produced by DJ Optimus, the soundtrack is a EDM
sound Anemic Breeze repeats the verse twice. Through the time they linked up with each
other, they attended events together such as cannabis events, Music events, and parties.

Anemic Breeze found his sound with Dariyes beat, being in the studio with “Lyrakill” he
expressed to Anemic Breeze he found his sound, which was a westcoast hype type of
music. From his first Debut Album “The Westcoast Ratchet”, to “Mr. Westcoast,
Anemic Breeze consistently delivered his sound.

Anemic Breeze signed to TheNxtGen Matters Ent in 2016-2019, then extended his deal
from 2019-2021 for 2 Albums. The beginning of 2022 Anemic Breeze considered moving
forward with his career & back to his roots with a two year deal with his
former label/organization: Future Money Family Records for one full
length Album.

TheNxtGen Matters Ent has signed Anemic Breeze for an additional 6 months in
February of 2022. Anemic Breeze has completed his last Album “The Last Call”
a 24 track Album.

Teaming up with Project Vision One a film production organization/musical
campaign, the two organizations will distribute Anemic Breeze’s project
“The Last Call”. Anemic Breeze’s 3rd Studio Album “Two Westcoast” will
be released by “Future Money Family Records & TheNxtGen Matters
Ent as executive producers of the Album.

“TheNxtGen Matters Development Services” will handle Anemic Breeze’s paperwork throughout the process.

What will Anemic Breeze accomplish throughout the next two years with his new deal? Will he become the GOAT of his rank & class? What big projects do you want to see Anemic Breeze work on next?

The Last Call Album will be releasing on March 24, 2022. Are you guys ready for
the Album? Two Westcoast is nearly around the corner from The Last Call, are
you guys ready for the 20+ tracks on both Albums?

-TheNxtGen Matters Ent.

*Anemic Breeze photoshoot with a team of photographers, Anemic Breeze hopes to be a GOAT one day. He expresses his style with a plain denim Jean jacket with his leopard gold chain & his G.O.A.T hat dripping in a bloody font created by Danyo Influence’s company MPTeezNThings

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