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Bstar Is “Climbing Up The Ladder” This Year!

Bstar Is “Climbing Up The Ladder” This Year!

As anticipated, Florida born artist Bstar is launching his rise up in the music industry this year. “Climbing Up The Ladder” displays his determination to keep up the momentum, and hit his big dreams in the industry. “Climbing Up The Ladder” is a raw reminder of his clever songwriting skills, and ability to put together a motivational single with a catchy flow listeners will enjoy.

The chorus in “Climbing Up The Ladder” perfectly aligns with the fast-paced Hip Hop beats playing in the background. Together, it forms a distinctive track that hypes and inspires anyone who listens.
Bstar tells listeners, “You have a dream?, Go get it!”

B-Star’s musical inspirations include rappers like Master P and Lil Wayne who taught him the power of perseverance, determination, and forward-thinking when reaching for any goal in life. This tenacity that has built up in him will take him incredibly far and we can already see all his dreams becoming a reality.
Whenever you need a pick-me-up while going for your goals, turn up “Climbing Up The Ladder” and get yourself back in that hustler mode!


check out the record Tweety with lil Boosie Badass below


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