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Brxuch Jumpstarts Music Career With Release of “Faded”

Brxuch Jumpstarts Music Career With Release of “Faded”


19-year-old producer Brxuch is a fresh new artist from the southern city of Atlanta, Georgia. He has recently just come onto the music scene with his first ever release called “Faded”. The track is a high energy beat that showcases the young producer’s composing, producing, and arranging abilities.


The track starts off right with the typical vocal chops that any hit beat should have. After a few seconds, the drums come right in driving the beat forward even more. The high hats and snare are placed perfectly in the mix making them snap with each offbeat. With this perfectly constructed piece, it’s clear that Brxuch understands music and knows how to make it sound good.


Listen to Brxuch’s debut single “Faded” here

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