Hip Hop Sensation Thais Gonzalez

Hip Hop Sensation Thais Gonzalez   “Once the Music Bug Bit Me There Really Was No Looking Back, Says Hip Hop Sensation Thais Gonzalez In the music industry, if you put your head down and get the feel for the music you love you will create an amazing career for yourself. Hip Hop sensation Thais […]


17 Year Old Artist Jakkah – “JUJU”

17 Year Old Artist Jakkah – “JUJU” 17-year-old artist Jakkah released his third album, entitled JUJU, on the 24th of January. JUJU was an ambitious project that had fans waiting an entire year for its release and had a bigger budget than Jakkah’s previous albums. Having been inspired by rapper Pop Smoke before his untimely […]

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New Artist Amir Shaheed

New Artist Amir Shaheed You are an art lover…. Amir Shaheed will be definitely a part of your creative world of art. His background is colorful- Cherokee, Ghanian and German, from where he found so much inspiration. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. People, beaches and art scene of California sparked his inner […]